CeFloFePho’s Retreat (Part 2) Trash the Dress(es)!

As promised, I’m back today with part II of last weekend’s photography retreat. Not being very familiar with the Sarasota/Siesta Key area presented quite a challenge as I was trying to plan the logistics of our shoots. Luckily, I love nothing more than a good challenge and my girls and I, armed with our Visitor’s Guide to Siesta Key, set to work. I kind of had my little heart set on shooting at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, specifically the Ca d’Zan Mansion.  Ever since way back when my senior year of high school, I’ve had a slight obsession with the movie Great Expectations.   For those of you who aren’t maybe quite as obsessed, the majority of the movie was filmed in Sarasota (Ca d’Zan was used as Ms. Dinsmore’s decaying mansion)  Unfortunately, the museum closes to the public at 5:00 and we really wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous west coast sunset, which doesn’t happen until around 7:30.   Well, when the CeFloFePhos are given lemons, we make Margaritas (actually, I think those are made with limes…..) We decided to head over to the museum after hours and just see if there were maybe some areas we could shoot around outside, etc.  Everything started off beautifully…..the security guard even let us use the restrooms for our models to change into their wedding dresses.  That’s when, duh duh duh, we see some GROOMSMEN walk out of the men’s room.  Their faces when they saw the “brides” were absolutely priceless.  Apparently, there was a wedding going on there that very.same.evening.   We did manage to outrun the security guard a few times and get some amazing shots.   Lesson learned here kids….ask forgiveness, not permission!  I kid, I kid 😉   After seeing a police car drive up wrapping things up , we headed over to beautiful Whitney Beach.  We got there just in time for the most gorgeous, late afternoon, liquid sunshine-y, want to roll around in it and drink it up, light.    We shot for a while in the dunes (I know, we were just breaking all kinds of rules, huh?)  with some props – my vintage suitcase and newest little vintage chair, goldie and some dramatic off-camera lighting provided by Ms. Brittany Miller of Bella Allure Photography.  We then headed down to the beach for some rockstar trash the dress shots.  I have to give major kudos to our awesome models, Amanda and Xan, who didn’t even think twice when we asked them to roll around in the sand or run through the waves or get completely soaked and basically go swimming in wedding dresses.  We definitely got some weird comments and curious onlookers.  But, I think you’ll agree that it was completely worth it for these images.

Be back tomorrow with a smokin’ couples session from our last day of the retreat 🙂

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