Disney Family Session (Orlando Child and Family Photographer)

I should title this post “The Session that Almost Didn’t Happen” … but we’ll get to that in a bit.   Jess is a sweet and spunky mom of three, super-crafter and blogger extraordinaire.  In fact, she has tons in common with this other crafty friend of mine, Emily Anderson (who’s now a mom of FIVE!) so it was no surprise when Jess introduced herself as one of Emily’s blog readers.   This cute little family had been planning a trip to Disney World for three years! The time had finally arrived to start making plans to have their yearly family photos done while they were here.  Since Emily was a little tied up with other things, Jess contacted me about doing a session for them out at Disney World.  I’m not gonna lie … I love Disney like an Emo kid loves eyeliner.   I mean, it’s the happiest place on Earth, people!  So of course I said “OMG, YES!! (or something like that …) and plans were made!  We decided to break up their session into 2 mini-sessions so that we didn’t keep the kids from enjoying the park for too long.  Day 1 would be at the Disney Boardwalk (one of my favorite places to shoot) and Day 2 at Magic Kingdom.   Day 1 was so much fun!  We actually bumped into each other in the parking lot and just immediately connected – Jess and Eric are so relaxed and funny and their kids are SO well behaved, sweet and full of personality.  My kids were on Spring Break that week, so we decided to make a stay-cation out of it and get a room at one of the resorts.  We spent all day Wednesday out by the pool (or the hot tub if you’re Owen …) and just hanging out.   I was kind of keeping an eye on the weather since there was a partial chance of rain, but the sun was shining and the day before had been just gorgeous so I really wasn’t too worried.  Around 4:00 I hopped in the car, headed to the Park, hopped on the tram, the monorail, etc. etc. and I am not even kidding, the moment I got to the gate, the sky turned black and it began to pour.   Did I mention Jess and her family are from Minnesota?  Yah … this was a once in a lifetime trip.    So we touched base via cell phone and decided that sadly, it just didn’t look like this part of their session was going to work out.   I.felt.so.bad.   I decided to wait a little while before heading back because it was so stormy (and there was a huge herd of people exiting the park and crowding the monorail – I’m a total Claustrophobe.)  The rain eventually let up a tiiiiiiny bit and Jess called me again to see if I would be OK with just running out and grabbing a few shots of them in front of the Castle so they wouldn’t have to go home totally empty-handed.  Of course I said “of course!” and lo and behold, as we ran out to grab those few, quick shots … the clouds parted and the sun came out.   Let this be a lesson friends — Florida weather is SO DARN FICKLE.  I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me.   Enough to make me sound like a crazy, psycho-optimist all the time “Oh I  know it looks like a hurricane, but really it will probably clear up in just a minute (nervous laughter) let’s just wait and see what happens!”   So, that’s why this is “The Session that Almost Didn’t Happen”, but I am beyond happy, thrilled, and thankful that it did and that  I was able to capture these priceless memories for this sweet family.  I think it actually ended up being one of my favorite sessions ever.   Jess + family, thank you for inviting me along on your Disney World adventure and for being your fun selves.  I hope it truly was the trip of a lifetime!

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  1. Thank you so much, Sarah! We had so much fun with you!! Now we have great pics AND a great story to go along with it. Let’s do it again, in say…5 years?? =)

  2. Jess, these are so awesome. You are so frickin’ amazing to have had the foresight to plan a session during your trip! I am SO going to copy this idea! Which will be Copy Number Two, by the way (did I mention I’m doing a kickball party for Jon’s 35th birthday?…)

    Beautiful photos, Sarah! You captured this awesome family so wonderfully!

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