Engagement Tuesday – Emily & Odis (Orlando Wedding Photographer)

This next engagement session is so fun and sweet! Emily & Odis won my “most creative wedding” contest last year and just absolutely stole my heart with their love story. You can read it and to see Emily’s uber-creative entry here. Obviously, Emily and I had a common thread from the get-go. Our hearts both skip a beat at the mere mention of Etsy, crafting, vintage finds and wedding blogs. We chatted months in advance about planning the perfect engagement session for her and Odis. What I love about this session is that the simple location (one of my favorites) really served as a blank canvas to showcase Emily & Odis’s love story. We ended up going with a vintage picnic theme — I loved it because in about 10 minutes I had a trunk full of stuff that totally fit the bill (and also, somewhat, justified to my husband my er, problem, with buying vintage knick-knacks, blankets, chairs, etc because I might need them “someday”.) The use of props can be a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and loosen up. Not all sessions and/or locations are ideal for it, but it can be a fun way, again, to add loads of personality to your engagement session (and really cute save-the-date cards!) I hope you love these bright, warm, colorful and fun images of these two lovebirds as much as do. Emily and Odis, thanks so much for being so patient, adventurous and creative with me, can’t wait until your May wedding