How would you describe your style?

romantic, light and airy, delicate and organic, with a touch of whimsy and a strong focus on portraits and details.

Do you hire a second shooter? Do we need a second shooter?

I do offer the option of having a second photographer. For large or more elaborate weddings with various locations and lots of moving parts, it can be invaluable to have another set of eyes and a second perspective. The second shooters I use are all professional photographers with a cohesive and complimentary style to my own.  I edit all final photos with my signature process.

If we hire you, will you be the one shooting our wedding? What if you’re sick?

YES. I don’t have any associate photographers, it’s just me! I want to make sure I give all of my clients 110% of my time and attention on their wedding day. For this reason, I typically don’t book more than two weddings in any given month. In my 10 years of shooting hundreds of weddings, I’ve never missed one! However, in the event of a true emergency, I would make all of the arrangements necessary for an amazing, professional, insured, wedding photographer to fulfill my obligations to you, at no additional cost.

How does a typical wedding day go?

Ideally, I’ll arrive at the venue one to two hours before the start of your wedding. This allows plenty of time to capture the important details of your day, as well as get some great candid shots and document the moments leading up to your ceremony. If you’re doing a First Look, we’ll need about 30 minutes more. Because portraits are such an integral part of my work, I prefer to do as many family and bridal party portraits as possible beforehand. This allows me to spend more time with just the bride and groom after the ceremony (one of my favorite parts of the day!) and allows everyone to get to the reception faster! During the ceremony, I will subtly capture your vows from as many angles as possible. I aim to be as unobtrusive as I can during this part of your day. After the ceremony, we’ll take about 30 minutes to finish up any remaining family and bridal party portraits, and then focus on portraits of the two of you! During the reception I take more of a photo-journalistic approach, focusing on candid shots and documenting the events as they happen.

What Equipment do you use?

I shoot with all Canon equipment – 2 digital SLR bodies (Canon 5D mark iii) Canon lenses (28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 70-200mm, and 100mm macro) and flashes. While I shoot with natural light whenever possible, I do bring minimal lighting equipment to the reception if needed. I have backups and insurance for all of my equipment.

Do you do a lot of posing?

Yes, and No. While I’m not a fan of traditional “posing”, I will give you some direction during the more portrait-centric parts of your day. I love to keep things creative and fun and capture real, genuine emotion, but I also realize that most of my clients aren’t experienced models and don’t always know how to stand or where to place their hands….this is one of the reasons why you hire a professional photographer!

How do we book your for our wedding?

To secure your date, I require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable retainer.