Jessica – Expecting Ellie (Central FL Maternity Photographer)

Do I have the prettiest friends or what?  Jessica is one of my dearest friends and also a very talented photographer.   Her husband, Damon, is my husband’s BFF  (they’ve gone to middle school, high school, college & grad school together, lived together and worked together) When he and Jessica first started dating and we were introduced, Jess and I hit it off right away!  I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say there was dancing on counter tops involved.  Through our shared love of photography, we have continued to build an amazing friendship, and her family feels like our family, we love you guys!!  Funny story — we were supposed to do her belly pics last year around this time and when I called a few days before hand to confirm, she told me she was in labor with Brodie…..3 weeks early!  Now he’s a whole year old and expecting a baby sister (yay!  a girl!) I love that I got to capture this sweet time for their family before little Ellie arrives next month.  I can’t wait to meet her!   Damon and Brodie were gracious enough to hang out for a few shots and then we got Jess into supermodel mode.  Open field + gorgeous light  = perfection.  Loved everything about this shoot!

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  1. First off – that was the sweetest narrative! We just adore you guys too! And second off – beautiful job! Can’t wait to get some of these framed and on the wall! : ) hugs!!!

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