Lane and Tony: Engaged (Orlando Wedding Photographer)

I am just a wee bit behind on my sneak peeks! Forgive me 🙂 I met up with Lane and Tony, one of my 2010 wedding couples, for their engagement session a couple of weeks ago. We decided on an urban location (downtown Orlando) to get some fun and funky shots. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite places for sessions because there is just SO much going on over there. I think Lane and Tony may have thought I was a little crazy when they saw some of the locations I had in mind, but hopefully now they will see that it was all worth it! They are an awesome couple, so sweet together. I truly feel so blessed that every couple/family/person I work is just cool, laid-back, fun, funny…. I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek, I can’t wait until your wedding THIS year. Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t post the one of you rubbing noses 🙂 Kidding.


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  1. I love your work! (I found your blog through the Flickr NLCP group.)I’m bookmarking you!

    I love how you captured this couple. Gorgeous!

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