Time Travel Inspired Creative Shoot (Central Florida Wedding Photographer)

This shoot is so near and dear to my heart for many reasons!  It’s the result of endless of hours of dreaming, scheming and creating a vision that was the brainchild of myself and two dear friends and talented photographers, Jessica Regan and Jessica Friend.   I tend to overwork myself and burn out a little sometimes.  When this happens, I find myself in desperate need of creative inspiration and am so thankful that I have friends that understand this and will not only indulge my whimsy, but actively participate in it!  Our initial vision for this creative shoot (ie a photoshoot done for the primary purpose of letting go of expectations and without the constraints of commissioned work) was very different.  I won’t go into too much detail as it’s an idea we may yet still explore and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.   It’s really, really fun for me to look at this shoot and remember the evolution of our ideas and the “aha” moments we had along the way.  Once the details were ironed out and the logistics of the shoot were determined, we plowed ahead despite several setbacks and roadblocks.  3 female photographers (who also happen to be busy moms) on a mission will not be stopped, ha!  The call time for the shoot was 6 am (sunrise) and I got a call from our female model’s mom at 5am saying she was sick and wouldn’t be able to make it.  oh.em.gee. Now, you might be thinking “it’s not a ‘real’ shoot, it’s just for fun.  what’s the big deal?”  Well, as I mentioned before, we were on a mission.  I had rented a U-Haul.  This.was.serious.  So, I made a panicked telephone call to Jessica, who calmed me down and assured me that we’d figure it out.  I tweeted and facebooked as fast as my little fingers could go and called everyone I knew who might possibly be up at such an ungodly hour.   Enter my awesome friend (and super talented second shooter) Carly.  She came and saved the day and worked it like a top model.  At the end of the day – did everything turn out perfect?  no, probably not.  But, I learned so  many valuable lessons from this experience: I have amazing friends and am lucky to work with some of the best people;  sometimes the unexpected pushes you to be more creative and to open yourself up to the adventure of the unknown; despite what I may think, moving a living-room’s worth of furniture in a U-Haul by myself and attempting to lift it up over a gate and through a field might be a little too much work for me.  male models are a must at any shoot requiring heavy lifting!  Most importantly, I learned that inspiration comes from the heart.   Capturing beauty and emotion and the stuff that really matters to me can’t be planned for, it’s not some technical thing that can be executed.  It’s something that happens to you if you’re willing to open your heart to receive it.   The theme of this shoot was Time Travel (The Time Traveler’s Wife is a favorite book of all of ours) and was heavily inspired and influenced by the Edwardian era, with a little bit of Steampunk thrown in and wrapped up with pretty little Anthropoligie-ish bow.  Basically what the inside of my head would look like if I could show you 🙂  I have to also give major credit to Susan Harris of Harmon-Harris Interiors and Event Design for helping style this magical set-up!  She did an amazing job of bringing our vision to life.  I hope you all enjoy these images.  I am so happy with them and they mean a lot to me!

Vintage Dress: Ebay

Hair and Makeup: Luisa V

Styling and flowers by: Harmon-Harris Interiors and Event Design

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  • jessica - These are beeeautiful Sarah! So happy to finally see them! The inside of your head is really awesome hehee 🙂

  • Jeannette Herron - What an amazing job you all did. Sarah, these pictures are beautiful. I love your ideas! Love the detail shots!

  • Kathleen Frank - Gorgeous! I love all of those clocks. I wish my wedding would have looked like this!

  • Raquel Sergio - I love the time concept 🙂 I love all these photos!! they are wesome

  • Esther Louise - ooooohhhhhhh so pretty! great work Sarah!

  • Shadow Anderson - Love the concept! Beautiful photos Sarah!

  • Rana - Sara – these are gorgeous!! And one of my fav books of all time too!! (and the movie was actually good!). Great job!! Stunning!

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